Professional profile

Dr. Maria Assunta Micheletti can boast solid experience in the field of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, with high level specializations in different sectors.
Graduated in medicine and surgery at the University of Perugia (110/110 with honors) she specialized in Anesthesiology and resuscitation at the same University (50/50 with honors).
She then carried out a hospital internship in anesthesiology and resuscitation and general surgery. After she specialized in plastic surgery at the Catholic University del Sacro Cuore in Rome (70/70 with honors).

Since specializing in plastic surgery, she has worked professionally collaborating with Italian and foreign colleagues in both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery.
She currently runs her professional business in her own clinic.

The teachings of Mauricio De Maio, an internationally renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon, have been and are of crucial importance. They have led to a global approach to face rejuvenation, covering all areas.
A personalized approach tailored for each patient, using botulinum toxin and filler.
De Maio has introduced new techniques for the face’s aesthetic treatment, which he calls “MD CODES”.

Dr. Micheletti has participated in numerous Master Classes.

She is also associated with A.I.T.E.B (Italian Association of Aesthetic Botox Therapy) with the qualification of expert.
She has an excellent knowledge of English, which  allows her to remain up to date through international publications and discussions with world renowned colleagues.