Body Liposculpture – Lipofilling


Body Liposculpture is a safe and effective method for body remodeling.
It’s aim is to remove excess fat situated in various body areas (thighs, knees, calfs, ankles and abdomen).
It is executed under local anesthesia to lower anesthesiological risks and to provide faster post-treatment recovery.
LIPOFILLING: This technique involves the injection of autologous fat. The patient’s fat is removed by syringe and is used both in the field of reconstructive surgery and in the aesthetic field for the following treatments:

  • Liposuction sequels such as contour irregularities
  • To fill scar depressions, to improve a liposculpture (fat is transferred from one area of the body to another area)
  • Face rejuvenation: fat aspirated is transformed into a filler and injected into the dermis to rejuvenate aged or sun-damaged skin.

Before & After