Face rejuvenation with PDO threads.

Biolifiting is non-surgical treatment for skin laxity of the face, neck, abdomen, inner surface of the arms and inner thigh carried out with PDO threads.
The threads which have both a biostimulating and lifting effect, are applied with needles placed in the skin.
The mechanism of action of the PDO threads is as follows:

  • An almost immediate traction effect
  • Mechanical stimulation effect thanks to the presence of the thread in the tissues
  • An inflammatory action leading to the production of fibrous collagen with the result of a soft-lifting

In order to avoid excessive inflammation it is advisable not to implant too many threads during a single session.
After about 6 or 7 months the process can be repeated. This period corresponds to the complete absorption of the thread.
The procedure is painless, but before treatment it is preferable to apply an anaesthetic cream to prevent the patient from feeling the needle’s puncture.
The treated area is first well cleaned and disinfected. Points are drawn with a surgical marker and the needles are introduced into the skin.
The needles are of different lengths and diameter, depending on the area to be treated: face, neck or body.

When the needle is removed, the thread remains in place in the tissues. Good facial rejuvenation cannot be achieved with “biolifting” alone, so it is necessary to combine this procedure with Hyaluronic acid implants to treat volume loss in the median part of the face, to fill the nasolabial folds and to rehydrate the lips. The use of Botulinum toxin for the treatment of aging in the upper-third of the face is also required; thus achieving good results with non-invasive methods.
When the laxity of both the face and neck is excessive, then, the approach will have to be surgical.