Microbotulinum “Baby Botox”


This technique was born in Asia, an unconventional botulinum injection method introduced by Dr. Wu from Singapor
Dr. Micheletti had the opportunity and honor of meeting Dr. Wu in Italy in 2016.
Microbotulinum refers to the administration of multiple microinjections of a diluted botulinum toxin solution into the dermis, distributed in large areas (face, neck, decolletage).
It has an effect on the sebaceous glands, with reduction of sebaceous secretion and improvement of the skin’s greasiness. Furthermore the skin will appear smoother and tighter
thanks to the botulinum’s action on the muscle fibers which are inserted into the superficial layer of the dermis.
Microbutulinum for the treatment of the decolletage
The contraction of small muscle fibers that from the depth head superficially to the deep dermis is responsible for the wrinkling of the skin in this area.
Microbotox is used because botulinum toxin helps to relax the muscles and stretch the wrinkles.