Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is used for global facial rejuvenation according to the 8 point method, a technique firstly introduced by Dr. Mauricio De Maio and used for the following treatments:

– natural lip correction
– the treatment of nose imperfections
– browlifting
– treatment of the temporal region and chin
– to define and model the lower third of the face using a full face approach
– to improve skin tone
– to help hydrate and treat micro wrinkles on the neck

The 8 point lift
A non-surgical face lift to provide a rejuvenating result, without surgery.
Fastly executed, the results are natural and there is no need for convalescence.
The 8 point lift is recommended for patients who have lost facial volume due to ageing or excessive weight loss.
In the photo 8 points are marked, in which hyaluronic acid is implanted with precise aims:

  1. Restoring facial volume
  2. To achieve a lifting effect

A specific type of hyaluronic acid is used for the restoration of face volume and other types of hyaluronic acid for the treatment of nasolabial folds and lip rehydration.